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From design to installation, the American Crafters team provides superior quality hardscapes.

Why Pavers?


Pavers have been our focus since mastering landscape architecture and continue to be our specialty. From flat work to raised patios, we have it covered and everything is custom built. Pavers are an excellent source for drainage. When pitched correctly and sealed with polymer sand the pavers expand and contract water away from homes. They can add value to your property while being classified as a movable build. Moveable builds generally create non taxable square footage while also being a capital home improvement. Expanding them in the future is extremely easy when ready. This allows clients to divided projects into phases. When projects are done in phases it is easier to stay within a budget as well as choose the perfect design if you are unsure of your vision. From the look to the functions, pavers always provide a great value. Repairs are also a breeze. When disrupting the ground for any project you run the risk of settling. Settling causes other products such as concrete to crack. Pavers may sink but can be raised and returned to level. Simple soap and water will keep pavers looking new. No need for power washing or other costly maintenance. Don't pavers sound like the way to go? 




Custom patios have a style like no other. Say goodbye to basic concrete slabs and unsafe stamped concrete. Our patios will give you a luxurious look and feel with plenty of function. They are not just custom but also very high quality. Our team has mastered the building process and will only deliver excellence. Depending on the pitch of your ground the patio may need to be raised using wall block. This is no problem and can be done to look even better. Colors and styles are endless but we are familiar with all of the trends to help guide you in picking the best. Who's getting excited?


EP Henry


Here at American Crafter we choose to install EP Henry. EP Henry is a local designer and manufacture of hardscape products in NJ. As of last year they are now owned by a larger parent company. However, this has only helped the brand, especially after supply shortages due to the Covid pandemic in 2019. EP Henry is stronger than ever. The #1 reason we choose them is because of their customer service and warranty. The warranty is a lifetime guarantee on their products and clients of ours that have needed to make warranty claims over the years received excellent treatment. Things happen, right? It is important to us that our clients are taken care of. 


Custom Fire Pits


The average installer will build fire pit kits for their clients. We choose to make each setup custom to the overall design. The are built for gas or wood and are usually complimented with sitting walls. Sitting walls with pillars give you the option to enjoy lanterns as well for ambiance lighting. The lanterns can either be solar or hard wired depending on your preference. Let American Crafters not just build a fire pit for you but create an additional outdoor living space. These have become top picks for our clients when choosing options for patio designs.




Give you home to ultimate luxury look with a paver driveway. The way we create a strong enough foundation to hold vehicles is by digging significantly deeper than you would for a patio. Patios are usually 6-8 inches deep while driveways require 10-12 inches along with additional 2A modified. Modified is a crushes stone and dirt mix that is compacted and tamped to a solid foundation. With enough of a base the pavers can support your vehicles or even boats. Be carful letting installers with the "best price" build your driveway because without the correct prep work you will be left with many areas sinking due to the weight it is required to hold. Let American Crafters apply proven methods to be sure your driveway is top notch. 


Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are sometimes one of the most important factors. If your ground is not level they will be used to raise the area against a patio. We also get creative and use them in beds when holding back mulch or river if the levels are too much for curbstone. Our walls are built strong enough to hold pools. Even if you think your yard is too sloped for a pool we can make it work. Check out the one below!




Walkways are a must have! Leading to the front of your house or around back to that patio. They can be added onto any project or be done as an individual project. Our precision cutting skills let us create the wildest curves and inviting entrances compared to traditional squared edges and straight walkways. We border our cuts with a 6/9 paver. This not only contours but keeps the design flowing smoothly


Lance 210


Talk about custom and skilled cuts. We can do this with your logo as well! As seen in Lance 210's videos on Youtube. He only wanted to work with the best when it came to remodeling his home. Here is a couple highlights of the work we did.

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